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Taste, Tweak, Repeat!

August 5, 2013

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I have never considered a recipe something that needs to be followed.  I usually only follow them loosely.  I think of recipes more as a vague guide telling me one possible solution that could work for a given set of ingredients.


I personally love to use the “taste, tweak, repeat” method.


This has often led to greatness

Karen with a delicious cake Tap any photo to Pin


However there is a risk it can lead to disaster

Karen licking a squash impaled on a knife


Regardless, I always enjoy the process.  I think of it as channeling my inner Italian grandmother who has a sixth sense when it comes to cooking

Karen channeling her inner Italian grandmother


It’s also great because I can insert additional steps if I want, like adding wine…

…to the food

Wine being pored into a saucepan


…or to myself.

Karen sipping wine


Over our years together Chris developed a desire to join me in the kitchen.


He began by acting as my sous-chef, keeping me company, while picking up cooking techniques.  However, he picked up the taste step much easier than the tweak step.

Big Mr. eating batter from a mixing bowl


Then he found this Cook’s Illustrated book, which combines great recipes with the scientific method!

Cook's Illustrated book


The book explains the basic techniques behind each recipe, and goes into the different scientific trials they did to develop it.  It’s kind of like my “taste, tweak, repeat” method, but it uses more data points than just me for the process…and their results are a bit more repeatable the next time you’re making the dish 🙂


This method really clicked for Chris  His inner Italian grandma is beginning to shine in the kitchen!

Big Mr. cooking away in the kitchen


Today I used the book to come up with a way to cook the fresh green beans we got at Bishop’s Orchard.  Of course I still applied my “taste, tweak, repeat” method to the scientifically tested recipe a little bit…My taste buds are a weighted data point in any dish I cook after all!


The green beans are coated with a mixture of breadcrumbs and chopped almonds, which have been toasted and seasoned with garlic and herbs de Provence.

Green beans!


Now for the best step in the scientific method…sampling 🙂

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