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Stress Prevention

July 30, 2013

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I’m a big believer in preventive medicine.

I try not to trip when walking, I drink plenty of coffee before I’m tired, and I definitely keep drinking wine when I’m having fun. Because you never know. There could be more fun.
In the true spirit of being pre-emptive, today I decided that instead of waiting until I was stress-out, I’d plan a pre-stress de-stress day of relaxation at the beach with Chris.

We started our beach experience with 20 minutes of applying sunblock under the shaded pavilion. Because let’s face it. We both burn faster than a marshmallow over a campfire.

Photo of Big Mr. and the sunscreen Tap any photo to Pin
Despite our sunblock armor, we felt it was still necessary to make our own shade.
Chris assured me umbrellas were originally invented to block the sun, and the first guy to use them for rain was considered ridiculous.


Photo of Big Mr. demonstrating the original use of the umbrella
Chris demonstrates the original use of the umbrella

I’m not sure I believe him.
Well maybe the ridiculous part.


Once we were on the beach and thoroughly shielded from the sun, we had a delicious pizza using some local Connecticut grown blueberries from Bishop’s Orchard. Because pizza goes with the beach. And blueberries go with the summer. Trust me — it’s delicious. You can find the amazingly simple and delicious pizza crust recipe we used at Naturally Ella.

photo 4

We drove back into New Haven, and saw how clogged the interstate was on the other side. As we compared our afternoon at the beach to the traffic, we knew that we were living a good life decision.

Stress prevented 🙂

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